This blog is called Living with God, Understanding Christianity because historically and generally,  organized religion doesn’t always effectively represent God’s love for all people.

I write about God’s love for all people and that God is Love. Learning to be loved by God and loving our neighbors and enemies is the most valuable importance in life. 

Please know that everything I write is solely from my experience of course, and what I believe is never meant to discredit, hurt, or insult anyone.

Showing tolerance and understanding for diversity, and enjoying different views simply shows respect, refraining from the demoralization of another person.

Being able to embrace and integrate spiritual living is essential to all of us. Equality is a mentality that is not subject to merely the political, educational, social, or economic spheres, but also the spiritual.

Understanding Christianity means to know how much God loves and cares for you, and when it gets right down to it, nothing else matters. Nothing separates us from the Love of God. Nothing.

Thank you for visiting.

All photos posted on this site are by Kate Lunsford