Christianity is NOT Exclusive- It is Inclusive

Jesus became human to reach out to all people offering love and acceptance. God offered his love and said come as you are. Revelations 22:17 “Come! Whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.” If Christians are not acting in love, they are not depicting the faith accurately. People will always be imperfect, but it is in those imperfections, we find ourselves in Christ.

All people go through stages of growth and development. We are always evolving and living in a state of creation. It is not how organized religion displays Christianity, but Christianity itself that is to be learned from, in the doctrine. Any human behavior that is not inclusive or loving can’t be justified as Christian.

Often, Christian people can have an attitude that differs from what is illustrated in the bible. Many people say they believe in God and Christ’s ways, but don’t live in the Spirit of God.  Everyone has their own walk, and Christians don’t need to ridicule every other spiritually different from their own. Why is it a problem to accept diversity? It shouldn’t be. Just because someone chooses to not believe in Christianity doesn’t mean they are less important, or heaven forbid shunned, or outcast.

Christian Rhetoric is suffocating the true image of Christianity, how narrow the conversations. So many Christian people use their faith to back up any idea that comes to mind. There are political spectacles, teachings, marketing that have nothing to do with the true nature of the faith. This is not Christianity. Having the Christian faith is knowing and experiencing God’s love for ourselves, others, and the world. It is not living in opposition to others, but with others.

God does not put demands on people, or give ultimatums. There are no strings attached. God does not require you be sober to talk to him. You do not have to be nicotine free. It’s okay if you curse like a sailor, dress provocatively, who cares when it comes to knowing God’s love and treating others kindly. If the Christian thinks God cares more about this superficial stuff than being in fellowship with someone then they misrepresent God. It does not matter your gender identity, sexual orientation, race, cultural beliefs, or emotional, physical, or mental state. We are all brothers and sisters.

You don’t have to give money to know God, or adhere to a drastic lifestyle change. You do not have to live under strict laws. It does not matter what kind of life you have lived, or who you are, or what you have done. You are important and beautiful, and belong to someone- to God. Pretenses of Christianity push people away, harsh judgments that pollute the true message. When Jesus did offer reproof, it was not to the person who hated him, it was to the person who believed in him, but was making a mockery of God’s person.

The Christian heart encompasses all people and accepts and loves all people, shows respect for other people and their views. If the Christian heart is close with God, nothing else will matter. It is not a concern to us what another person does, but instead each to their own in a relationship with God. That is as far as we go when it comes to judging others. What rights do we have to say what is okay and what is not according to God. What rights do we have to bash someone else’s beliefs. If we focus on what the bible says, it says to focus on our own find, not ever those of others.

Some of the most inclusive people have a well rounded, multicultural view and understanding of the world around them. Why? Because they care about others and show respect. Christian people need to make this same effort. Simply going back to Christian rhetoric is hurtful to people and it is not good enough. It is offensive. Change the prideful attitude towards others, change the distant dialogue, and instead show love because love is inclusive, not exclusive.

To the Christian, God is not fragile. He will not drop you if you get out of your comfort zone and start believing new and right things about Christianity. Rather, God’s goodness is always present and active, to be active in ourselves. All people are to be loved, accepted, and treated well.

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